Watching Paralyzed Musicians Play Music With Their Minds Is The Therapy You Need Today

Credit: Paramusical Ensemble from cinema iloobia.
Credit: Paramusical Ensemble from cinema iloobia.

Imagine losing one of your senses: sight, touch, taste, etc… It’d be quite difficult, yes? Now, imagine losing the ability to use your senses, despite still retaining them. It might be agreed that the latter would be a tougher ordeal. Fortunately, technology has come a long way in recent years and is now allowing individuals who have been paralyzed to utilize their gifts in unique ways while interacting with the world.

If it sounds incomprehensible, look no further than the video below. In the footage, four paralyzed musicians are playing music together thanks to a special interface system. Named the Paramusical Ensemble, the group is comprised of four artists, all of whom have intensely damaged motor control skills.

For the interface system to work, all musicians are required to wear rubber caps made of Brain-Computer Music Interfacing Systems. The electrodes in the cap detects the user’s brain waves and relays the data back to a computer nearby. As GoodNewsNetwork relays, a computer screen is set up in front of the musicians and displays different samples of music. While the musicians wear the caps, they’re able to look at the tune they would like to play and music is created. This advancement is especially helpful for those who suffer from ALS – or Lou Gehrig’s – disease.

In the video below, the Paramusical Ensemble performs at the Royal Hospital for Nuerodisability in London. Thanks to Tim Grabham and Professor Eduardo Reck Miranda (who were capturing the footage for a documentary), the video was recorded and continues to stun all those who take the time to watch it.

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