Watching People Gift Presents To Strangers Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

“Presents are for giving, not for receiving, don’t you agree…?” asks a scratchy, Santa-sounding voice.

Callers on the other end nod, feeling slightly dismayed they won’t be given a gift, but soon perk up once they hear their task…

As you’ll view in the video above, an incredible “Christmas Gift Experiment” had commuters at the Birmingham New Street train station in the UK presenting gifts to random strangers.

The experiment began with a phone call from Santa, ringing from a gigantic gift box placed in the middle of the station.

Credit: Christmas 24
Credit: Christmas 24 / YouTube

Curious passerby’s picked up the phone and were delighted to hear Saint Nick on the other end of the call.

Once a Christmas present dropped from a chute, many assumed they would receive the treat. But, of course, gifts are for giving. So, ‘Santa’ described a person in the crowd they should deliver it to, and each individual quickly hung up the phone before dashing to deliver the wrapped present.

Credit: Christmas 24 / YouTube
Credit: Christmas 24 / YouTube

What was gleaned from the fun holiday experiment? Quite simply, that the act of gifting something to others can generate a lot of fun, and that charity is the reason for the season.

The entire project was devised by a television channel called Christmas 24, reports Good News Network, which broadcasts nothing but Christmas movies.

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