White Supremacist Wanted After Video Shows Him Brutally Punching Woman

Credit: Daniel McPartlan

Protests in Berkeley, CA this past weekend erupted into violence between proponents and opponents of Trump after the two groups clashed during a demonstration at Martin Luther King, Jr. Civic Center by Trump supporters. The “Patriots Day” rally was set for that day and counter-protestors showed up in droves, mostly from “anti-fascism” (AntiFa) groups looking to shut down the alt-right demonstration attended by many white supremacist groups.

The demonstration and protests officially began mid-morning and hostilities quickly escalated amidst groups once the barriers between them were broken down. It’s unclear which side incited the violence, especially since both sides made it public on social media that they would not back down from a fight. Bobby E. with the Twitter handle @antifa_sucksass (which has since been suspended) even said,

“Antifa members are all domestic terrorists. We need to do whatever it takes to make sure this doesn’t end up like that Milo event.” Then he added, “Even if it means killing any rioters dressed in black with lethal force.”

So although no one was surprised that violence erupted at the site of the demonstration, people still want those who engaged to be held accountable for their actions, including one man who punched a woman square in the face on a live video recorded by WeAreChange that is now gaining tons of views. In the video, a group of people is seen viciously attacking an AntiFa protestor (identified because of their all-black outfit and bandana around their face), but it’s what happens on the periphery that has people talking.

Credit: Daily Monster

As the people attack the protestor, one woman approaches the group, but before she can reach them a man appears and punches the woman so hard that she is knocked to the ground and he falls forward, catching himself on a nearby pole before the camera pans away. That man has since been identified as Nathan Damigo, the founder of Identity Evropa, a white supremacist group that targets college students to recruit and encourages “social chaos” and unrest to bring power back to white people before they become an endangered minority.

Damigo is a former marine who was released with an “other than honorable” discharge and served nearly 5 years in prison after he robbed a cab driver at gunpoint because he suspected that the man was Iraqi. His racist beliefs only grew stronger in prison, where he read and became influenced by books like My Awakening by Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

Many people are calling for Damigo’s arrest, and a GoFundMe page has been started for the victim, Louise Rosealma, because of the repercussions of the event. She sustained a concussion from the punch, but ever since the video gained popularity and targeted Damigo, white supremacist groups have started to dox Rosealma; they’ve since released all of her private information, including her home address and those of her family members, and threatened to rape or kill her. The GoFundMe states that her medical expenses need to be covered as well as enough money to move, change her phone number, possibly change her identity, and seek legal action against the group that doxxed her and Damigo for causing all of this.

As of the date of this publishing, Damigo has yet to be arrested or face any sort of consequences for his violent actions. There’s no saying how many other people he may have hurt that didn’t have the incident recorded on video, but hopefully whomever else was injured as a result of his actions will be able to come forward if he’s arrested. On the day of the rally/protest, over 20 other people were arrested for their involvement in the riot.

Watch the video of the incident below (in slow motion, no less).

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