Why Are The British Authorities Stealing Children From Loving Families?

Social services are there to protect vulnerable and abused children from harm, and few would argue with the fact that they play a crucial role in child protection. But in Britain, chilling stories of forced adoption have hit the headlines in recent years as many parents claim their children were stolen from them by the state, in many cases with no good reason.

Under UK law, children should only be taken into care if they are neglected, abused. or otherwise ‘at immediate risk of harm’. Yet children are being taken into care by the government in cases where there is absolutely no evidence of parental wrongdoing, causing trauma for innocent and confused children, many of whom are being abused in care homes.

During his time in power, warmongering Prime Minister Tony Blair set down targets to increase adoption rates by 40%. His reasons for doing so remain unclear, but the consequences have been devastating. In order to hit these targets, British social services are working hard to find excuses to take children away from their families.

This excerpt from the documentary Traffic highlights the unbelievable situation we face, not only in Britain but in other countries around the world. Anyone with any personal stories is urged to contact True Activist writer Sophie McAdam here where we will do our best to get this issue as much publicity as possible.

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