Why Getting A Grief Counselor Is The Best Move, Even If You Don’t Need One.

Death & Dying

Losing someone you care about can be a major hit.  We invite people into our lives, grow and change through knowing them, and loss can be a hard hit.  Although it’s not always sudden, and it’s sometimes the loss of someone we’ve already grieved while they were alive, losing them to death has a finality that not many of us are prepared for.

Unfortunately, very few people seek help because they don’t think they need it.  Death is traumatic, and it’s okay to seek help even if you don’t feel traumatized.  Here are the ways a professional can help you.

We All Grieve Differently

Nobody is the same as everyone around them.  We all grieve differently and deal with loss in our ways.  Some shut down all emotions and don’t show anyone what they’re feeling; others suppress it and don’t realize even when alone what they’re feeling.

Not everyone grieves by crying and breaking down: and grieving in this way isn’t wrong either. But, unfortunately, we don’t pick how we suffer, which could lead some people to miss the fact that they’re grieving at all. Again, talking to a professional can help you process what’s going on.

It Might Not Have Hit You Yet

Although you may cognitively know that someone has died, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s sunk in for your mind yet.  Sometimes a lack of grief can tell that it hasn’t fully hit yet.  Many people won’t go straight to googling ‘grief counseling near me,’ but they will show other ways that they need help.  Whether that’s diving into worse eating habits or forgetting to take care of themselves, it can show in smaller ways in their life.

Having Someone To Talk Things Through Can Help Find Closure

Even if you don’t feel the grief, talking it through with someone can feel so much better.  You can heal from simply talking about the person.  Discuss what they meant to you in your life, what you learned from them, and how their death may have impacted you.  Many fear that means that they’re weak, but there’s nothing stronger than emotional vulnerability.  Instead of holding back, talk and communicate.  Closure can surprise you if you don’t feel like you’re grieving, and it can hurt worse than the loss itself to some degree.  Having a professional with you while you go through it can feel a lot better.

It Can Show Other The Importance of Therapy and Healing

If the death didn’t directly impact you, and you’re not grieving, going to grief counseling can help show othersthat this is a perfectly normal and healthy thing to do.  This could open the door to others accepting that they need help and stepping forward.  There’s nothing wrong that can come out of counseling or therapy, so it’s okay to trust a professional and talk about what you’re feeling.  This is especially important if you’re a parent trying to help your children through a difficult loss.

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