Why People Are Switching To Laser Hair Removal

Cleveland Clinic

Chances are, you know one or two people who have gotten laser hair removal and swear by it. You’ve seen their smooth, hair-free skin and wondered how do they do it? How does it look like that? And how can I get my skin that smooth?

Laser hair removal has become extremely popular, especially in recent history. Ever wondered why this technique has gained such popularity and traction over the past decade or so? Here’s why so many people you know are making the switch over to laser hair removal, and why you might want to, as well.

It’s More Accessible than Ever

The first and biggest reason that people are making the switch is that laser hair removal treatments are more accessible than ever before. There are more laser hair removal clinics and medspas than ever, so there are more locations that you can go to receive these treatments on a regular basis, no matter where you live.

On top of that, there has been a recent spike in at-home IPL laser hair removers. These are tools that can be bought online or in stores, that serve the same purpose as a laser hair service from the comfort of your own home.

It’s More Affordable than Ever

Part of the reason that they are accessible is that they are becoming affordable. The handheld IPL devices found available for purchase online are considerably less of an investment than a full laser hair removal appointment on location.

These little tools retail for around a few hundred dollars, which is a huge improvement from the thousands of dollars you might spend otherwise on in-person treatment. One trip to a laser hair removal spa can run you a few hundred dollars, and you will have to go more than once, so the expense only adds up.

You Stay Hairless for Longer

With laser hair removal, you can go six months between touch ups after your initial few treatments. This is because it works to break down the hair follicle at the root, discouraging regrowth in a way that traditional waxing or shaving can’t.

No More Ingrown Hairs

One of the biggest complaints surrounding shaving is the presence of ingrown hairs.

When you shave, the razor only cuts the hair off at its base, meaning the root of your hair is left behind just beneath the skin. When this jagged edge begins to grow back in, the remaining root of the hair can become trapped behind the skin and then sort of curling in on itself.

This causes swelling, irritation, discomfort and, in some cases, even infection. Ingrown hairs are painful and unsightly.

Laser hair removal breaks the hair down at the follicle, reaching beneath the first layer of skin to break hair down at its root. This means it won’t get trapped underneath a layer of skin when it grows back in, so no ingrown hairs.

It Saves Time in the Long Run

Ultimately, getting laser hair removal treatments will end up saving you time. Even when you factor in those occasional trips to the spa to get follow-up treatments, you save at least a few hours every week versus shaving.

When you consider purchasing your own at-home IPL laser device, you don’t even have to factor in the time it takes to get to and from a spa to get the treatment done. All you have to do is plug it in and zap your hair follicles, destroying unwanted body hair right from the root of the issue.

This makes laser hair removal, especially with an at-home IPL device, a worthy investment.

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