Why Phuket is the Best Destination?

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Phuket is one of the most popular Asian destinations and receives thousands of tourists every day. New travelers believe that Phuket is all about beach strips and water, while those who have been here understanding how difficult it is to pick and choose the activities that you would like to experience. Here are some of the main Phuket attractions that you should consider on your trip.


Trek in the Jungle

It is true that Thailand and Phuket, in particular, are widely known for its waters and beaches. However, there is much more to this tropical paradise beyond the turquoise waters of the Andaman. Thick rainforests with rich flora and fauna are one of the most dominant symbols of this island, and nature walks in the jungle is one of the most exciting things in Phuket that you can do. You can choose to trek on foot or ride on an elephant for a unique experience. Interact with local villagers and get up close and personal with the beautiful tropical rainforest. You can also take a dip in the beautiful waterfalls.


Phuket Fantasea

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Cultural shows are one of the most famous entertainment attractions that happen across the Kingdom of Thailand, and Phuket Fantasea is the largest and the most popular of them all. The show hosts around 4000 visitors daily all year round and gives you an insight into Thailand’s colorful and rich culture. Some of the performances are unimaginably impressive.


Bangla Street

If you want to experience the vibe of a perfect touristy beach town, do not miss the Bangla Street. Although it is open all day long, the street primarily comes to life as the sun goes down. This is a walking street that is known for parties, music, and booze. Various night clubs, bars and pubs, discotheques, eateries, and street hawkers, and shopping are some of the things that you will find at Bangla Street. If you are staying at Patong, Bangla Street will most likely be at a short walking distance from your accommodation.


Adventure Sports

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If you are an adrenaline junkie, Phuket has a few thrills that you might like to experience. Ziplining in the forests and white water rafting is must-do activities for those thrill lovers.


Water Sports

Although Phuket has a water park for your water games, the water sports in the open sea cannot be compared with anything. From jetskis and Kayaks to Parasailing and many other water sports, you can choose whatever suits you best.


Explore the City

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Phuket is a huge island that is divided into two areas, one of which is the city area. Although tourists generally do not give much attention to the main city area, there is a lot to explore especially if you are inti mystic buildings much as the golden Buddha.


Beaches and Island Hopping

There is no doubt that Phuket is all about beaches and islands. Phuket is surrounded by some of the most beautiful pieces of land that are erected amidst the waters of Andaman. The Maya Bay, also popular as Koh Phi Phi is a must visit the island. Although it is recommended that you spend a few days at Koh Phi Phi, however, if you are short on time, try to ensure that you at least do a day trip there,

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