Woman Finds Herself Alone After Taking the Lives of All Her Babies

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Marie Noe was born Marie Lyddy on August 23, 1928 in a neighborhood in Philadelphia. She was one one of several children born from a troubled marriage. Life was never kind to this little girl even early in life. At the age of five, she contracted scarlet fever. One of her sisters got pregnant, and at the age of 12, she had become an aunt. But instead of living with the scandal, the baby was passed off as a sister.

That was her life, and to make matters worse, she also suffered from learning disabilities. She dropped out of school early on and chose to take care of her young niece instead.

Meeting Her Husband

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When Marie grew into adulthood, she met the love of her life and soon to be husband, Arthur Allen Noe. They were in a private club when they both first laid eyes on each other. Sparks flew immediately and after a brief courtship, the lovebirds eloped on June 1, 1948.

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