Yogurt Company, Chobani Shoulders $85,000 Accumulated Lunch Debt In Idaho District School

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The New York-based yogurt company Chobani, who runs a plant in Twin Falls, Idaho, has done a special deed for hundreds of students in the town.

They have offered to shoulder student debt for their accumulated lunch cost of $85,000. The Twin Falls School District made an announcement on June 11 that Chobani would be covering the debt of more than 900 students in the last school year. 

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Eva Craner, who is the district spokeswoman said that their school system has accumulated about $115,000 just from lunch debt in the recent years. “From year to year students often accumulate debt that the district is forced to cover and cannot spend in other ways to improve education,” Craner mentioned in her statement. 

Chobani’s donation of more than half of that debt will definitely lessen the burden of the students for this school year. 

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Throughout the school year, Twin Falls School District serves around 2,100 breakfasts and 5,600 lunches a day, according to Craner. She also added that these schools make sure that all the students are fed, even if they no longer have money in their food accounts. 

In the statement of Chobani, they said that they contacted the Idaho district last night when they also paid off lunch debts for schools around Warwick, Rhode Island. The Warwick district had announced recently that all the students who had no money to pay for lunch would only be getting peanut butter and jelly sandwiches until they are able to settle their debt. 

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