Young Woman Helps Elderly Find New Homes For Pets Before They Pass Away

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They say that pets are good for your health. This is why people encourage those who are lonely to have a fur baby at home. But what happens to these pets when their owners pass away? This is exactly what one woman though and found a way to help everyone involved.

A 28-year-old lady helps the older folks find new home for their beloved pets before they pass away. And just recently, she celebrated her 100th adoption in the project. This means that 100 animals have already benefited from her vision.

The woman’s name is Angela Rafuse and she was inspired to create her charity after her 85-year-old grandfather passed away and left Mackenzie, his cat, homeless. She searched for a new home but no one from her relatives were able to take on the responsibility. So, she adopted the calico cat herself.

After Angela went through heart break, she moved back home to live with her parents in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She shared the basement room with her feline friend.

“I was processing the grief and heartbreak of a breakup and losing my grandfather, but the only options left were taking her to a shelter or me adopting her. I had to take her,” she shared.

Mackenzie was a grumpy cut and had hissed a lot. This was when Angela realized the cat was just scared. In time, it warmed up after she showered it with lots of love and attention. This was when she became inspired to start a new venture in 2021.

Angela started her own nonprofit called ‘My Grandfather’s Cat’, and it facilitated adoption for dogs and cats who once belonged to seniors who had been terminally ill or who simply wished to move into a retirement home that didn’t accommodate pets.

Angela and her tabby buddy lived in her parent’s basement for a total of 18 months. She then began to post videos on TikTok. She soon gained a following of 656,000 people and many commented on how their grandparent’s pets had to go into shelters after the owners passed.

“It was like a divine intervention. I knew this is what I should do,” Angela said.

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“We had 30k followers at that point and I thought ‘I can launch it on TikTok, as there were so many people in need’.”

Angela launched her nonprofit May 18, on her late grandfather’s birthday. Since its inception, she was able to re-home pets and bring peace of mind to 100 pet owners.

“It gives me so much purpose in life—and I have an amazing team of volunteers.”

Most seniors go to My Grandfather’s Cat as referrals by care homes or shelters. They then submit an application. Once this happens, the team writes a profile that they immediately post on social media.

Once the calls pour in, they interview people who have shown interest in order for them to get the perfect match. The senior also will be given the opportunity to interview the new family as well.

“The senior then picks their pet’s second forever home—and the adoptees can stay in touch with the new owner who will share updates.”

One memorable case for Angela was helping a woman who had terminal cancer and who had undergone euthanasia find a new home.

“We helped her find a new home for her cats, Koko and Lily, and she chose a lovely multi-generational home with two seniors, their daughter, and grandson. She passed away knowing her best friends had the best home.”

Angela shared that this was the final and most important thing on the woman’s to-do list that had finally been fulfilled.

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