5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Plastic Waste [Watch]

Credit: Tech Times

Though people have heard again and again that humanity’s consumption of plastic is both unsustainable and horrid for the environment, few ever do anything about this fact and change their habits. As a result, plastic now pollutes every corner of the Earth, according to The Guardian. Additionally, findings from an international study have found that humans have created enough plastic since the second world war to coat the Earth entirely in clingfilm.

Obviously, it’s time to retire the obsession with single-use plastic products. Because they break down at a glacial rate, they are a detriment to the environment, wildlife and peoples’ health. The following video, titled “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Plastic,” explains why this is so by using a Rube Goldberg machine to follow the journey a plastic bottle takes from “factory to home.”

It’s shown why throwing a plastic cup, straw, plastic bag, or food container into the trash isn’t an acceptable habit, and why everyone needs to reduce their dependency on plastic and start to use reusable containers.

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