A Win For Donald Trump Is A Win For The American Nazi Party

American Nazi Party chairman, Rocky Suhayda, speaks during an American Nazi Party (ANP) rally in South Carolina in October 2010 [NationalSocialism/ YouTube]

The leader of the American Nazi Party, Rocky Suhayda, has come out to say that electing Donald Trump as president would present a “real opportunity for people like white nationalists to act intelligently”, laying the groundwork to start building a representative society within the government like the Congressional Black Caucus.

The Nazi goes on to say that the American “national socialists” movement today “doesn’t have to be anti, like the movement has been for decades, so much as it has to be pro-white. It’s kind of hard to go and call us bigots if we don’t go around acting like a bigot”.

While this is a pretty interesting, progressive-sounding statement from a Nazi, further research of their website just proves that they are the same Nazis with a new, better PR guy.

For instance, on AmericanNaziParty.com, their platform states they strongly believe that “Aryan women have distinctive but complementary social roles” and should be the “natural homemaker” in the perfect Aryan relationship. They believe in traditional gender roles, and that a woman shouldn’t “abandon home and children” for a career.

George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party

They also believe in a ‘reformed’ educational system, in which young people must be imprinted on the “supreme importance of the racial idea”.

The platform brings us back into their corner somewhere in the middle here when it talks about how important the environment is and to keep the air less polluted. They also have pretty regular socialist views that want to take money out of big banks and bring it back amongst the people – could totally get behind that.

Of course, they lose us again with the eugenics talk in “A Better Race” where they talk about carefully breeding out lesser people and “eliminating flaws and weaknesses”. Much like the German Nazi party did by carefully separating millions into concentration camps of “unworthy” religion, color, sexual orientation, and those who were elderly, disabled or mentally unstable to meet their deaths.

So on the foreboding note that reminds us that terrible history is always willing to repeat itself, the Nazi leader stated that because of “Donald Trump’s campaign statements, [we have been] shown that ‘our views’ are not as ‘unpopular’ as the Political Correctness crowd have told everyone they are.”

And if that doesn’t terrify you, it should.

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