A Women Called ‘Mother Teresa of Vietnam’ Is A Living Example Of How Her Struggles Have Made Her Better

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In Vietnam, there exists an extraordinary woman who has embraced the role of a mother to 346 children, despite enduring immense hardship from the very beginning of her life when she was abandoned on a doorstep as a foundling.

Named Huynh Tieu Huong, she is often referred to as the “Mother Teresa of Vietnam” by the national media. Huong leads a non-profit organization dedicated to the well-being, adoption, and compassionate care of foundlings, orphans, and homeless children. Thanks to the support of generous donors and volunteers, all 346 children under her care receive access to education, safe shelter, and proper medical attention, ensuring their healthy development into adulthood.

Interestingly, Huong’s own birthdate remains uncertain, as the ID found with her did not contain a surname but mentioned the year 1968. After the war, a benevolent homeless woman took it upon herself to help Huong find a loving home, eventually leading her to be adopted by a young couple from the city of Vinh Phu.

Sadly, this couple turned out to be abusive, subjecting her to sexual exploitation. Thankfully, with the assistance of caring neighbors, Huong managed to escape this dreadful fate. However, her life became a series of hardships and homelessness until a turning point arrived when she discovered a baby girl left on her doorstep when she was about 19 years old.

Choosing to adopt the child, Huong’s act of kindness seemed to mark the beginning of a positive transformation in her life. She encountered a generous Chinese man who provided her with the financial means to rent an apartment and start her own business. As she gained stability and self-sufficiency, Huong began volunteering at the Vietnam Relief Association in 1993, where she extended her caring nature to helping orphans and the elderly.

Her journey from a destitute foundling to a dedicated mother and humanitarian is truly inspiring, and her tireless efforts continue to create a profound impact on the lives of countless children and vulnerable individuals in Vietnam.


In 2001, she established the Que Huong Charity Center in the Tan Dong Hiep Commune, gradually extending support to over 300 dependents, all of whom bore the same surname bestowed upon her during her brief second adoption.

To bolster this noble cause, she founded the Mother Huong Foundation and has even begun to expand its reach to the United States.

Dedicated volunteers from various Asian countries gather to spend time with and assist the children at the center. For instance, during the Vietnam New Year’s Eve celebration, their Japanese sponsors paid a heartwarming visit, bearing gifts and providing haircuts.

Despite enduring the harshest hardships in post-war Vietnam, anyone can comprehend if Ms. Huong had chosen to lead a life of luxury, indulgence, and security after achieving success. However, she opted to wholeheartedly return to the world that shaped her, making a profound difference in the lives of others in a way she once thought impossible.

Those interested in supporting Mother Huong’s remarkable work can contribute either financially or by volunteering their time.


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