Visitors Can Now Visit The Death Place Of Julius Caesar

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Step back in time and immerse yourself in one of history’s most infamous crime scenes! Rome, the Eternal City, has now thrown open the gates to the once-silent and sacred area at Argentina Square, where the dramatic assassination of Julius Caesar unfolded centuries ago. Gone are the days when this hallowed ground was veiled in obscurity, visited only by the spirits of the past and the city’s feline inhabitants.

For decades, the Sacred Area stood as a forgotten relic amidst the bustling urban development that enveloped it. The four ancient temples and the walls of Pompey’s mansion, known as the Curia, lay dormant, untouched by human presence, until the arrival of a most unexpected benefactor – the prestigious luxury jewelry brand, Bulgari.

Thanks to the collaboration with Bulgari, this historically significant site is now open to the public, inviting both locals and visitors alike to step into the very place where vengeful senators ended the life of the mighty Roman dictator on that fateful day known as the Ides of March (15th).

Intriguingly, the discovery of these temples came about during a time of radical transformation. Mussolini, while spearheading an ambitious urban renewal program, unwittingly unveiled these long-lost treasures while demolishing medieval-era structures. Among the architectural wonders, the renowned archaeologist Claudio Parisi Presicce identified the Curia of Pompey, a significant find reinforced by the unearthing of ancient latrines near two of the temples – a quirky but telling detail that would surely fascinate any history enthusiast.

The temples themselves were likely dedicated to venerating female deities, such as Fortuna, the goddess of luck and fertility, shedding light on the religious practices of the era. A remarkable and colossal stone carving of a female head was also uncovered during the excavation, further supporting this hypothesis.

Presicce himself hailed this site as one of the most remarkably preserved ruins from Rome’s Republican period. The Sacred Area stands as a living testament to a critical juncture in history, a snapshot frozen in time, inviting the imagination to wander back to the days of the past. Perhaps, one day, this evocative location might even serve as the stage for a stunning rendition of Shakespeare’s renowned portrayal of the life and times of the controversial figure, Julius Caesar.

Replay one of the most infamous crime scenes in history. You can utter the much-known phrases such as “Beware the Ides of March,” “Why this is force!” “Et tu, Brutae?” and all the other utterances that sound familiar to many and feel like you’ve been thrown back into the past.

So, venture forth and be a witness to history as you walk the elevated pathways through this once-silent sanctuary, now awakened to the curiosity and intrigue of visitors from all corners of the world. For a mere €5, you can step into the footsteps of those long-gone senators and contemplate the tumultuous events that shaped the course of an empire. The Sacred Area awaits, beckoning the history enthusiast in you to experience its profound allure.


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