Amazing 18-Wheel Electric All-Terrain Vehicle Considered First-Of-Its-Kind


Why settle for a 4×4 when you can go all the way to an 8×8?

A Finnish company called 18 Wheels claims to have developed and manufactured a distinctive patented suspension system for what they are called the “eco ATV.”

This innovation employs a total of 18 wheels to minimize soil disruption during operation.

According to the company, “Our ATV does not destroy the soil, is safe for nature, and has a significantly better dynamic performance and cross-country ability than any ATV,” showing those who doubt its capabilities that this machine is more than just a party piece.

The very first prototype device was built last year to test the hypothesis and suspension on different types of soils.

18 Wheels explains that the prototype has a suspension system that gives a special trajectory of movement and even has an independent electric motor inside. This is the same as some of the hybrid or electric performance cars that can calculate how much power it needs to send to each wheel to better both its speed and stability.

The company also reports that, “After six months of testing, we designed the second prototype already in the public design and are now building it.”


18 Wheels plans its “tentative presentation date” for October 2023, while also planning to begin selling it next spring. They also announced that the preliminary price of this new vehicle will be around $20,000.

They add, “We plan to organize a test drive and invite everyone who wants to test drive it.”

Moreover, the 18 Wheels’ website also lists the benefits of the system including ‘the ability to overcome obstacles higher than 8 inches without loss of speed, the ability to apply to different equipment and adapt to different tasks, and the versatility to tackle all soils, temperatures, and seasons.’

See more about this innovative creation in the video below:


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