Palm Beach County Has Witnessed The Highest Count Of Sea Turtle Nests

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Juno Beach, located in the northern part of Palm Beach County, has already exceeded the previous record for the number of turtle nests observed in a single nesting season.

Despite having three more months of counting ahead, the beach has recorded a remarkable 21,872 nests, primarily from loggerhead sea turtles. This surpasses the final count of 18,132 nests documented last October.

“We are so excited to break this all-time nesting record and can’t wait to see if each sea turtle species breaks its individual record,” Dr. Justin Perrault, vice president of research at Loggerhead Marinelife Center, said in a recent news release.

Approximately 15,000 nests are predominantly occupied by the loggerhead species, constituting an immense majority. However, the nesting grounds also accommodate green and leatherback sea turtles. Each of these species is categorized as either vulnerable or endangered.

“Ocean conservation efforts that have been practiced for decades are finally coming to fruition, and we need to make sure that we continue to protect these animals and their ecosystems,” he added.

The enumeration was conducted by the Center at Juno Beach, Jupiter-Carlin Park, and Tequesta.

Thankfully, it’s not just Florida experiencing an abundant turtle population.

Along the shores of Baldwin County in Alabama, specialists anticipate a remarkable year. In contrast to Florida, the conclusion of August marks the conclusion of the nesting period, and the 13 nests containing loggerhead, Kemp’s ridley, and green sea turtles already exceed the total of nests from both the 2016 and 2017 nesting seasons by 2 nests.

“Those were our benchmarks and being ahead of that already at this point, it’s very exciting,” said the program director for Share the Beach, which is a volunteer organization that stakes and marks out the turtle nests they find in the area.

In the recent past, certain states situated along the US Gulf Coast and the Atlantic have witnessed remarkable surges in the number of turtle nests. This phenomenon paints a vivid picture of the United States assuming the role of a sanctuary for these majestic creatures. The significance lies in the fact that once these turtles hatch in these regions, they establish an intricate connection with their birthplace. This connection prompts them to faithfully return year after year to the very same beach where they first emerged from their nests, with the purpose of laying their own eggs.

This emerging pattern of heightened turtle nest numbers signifies a commendable conservation achievement in these coastal areas. Not only does it highlight the efforts to protect and preserve these delicate ecosystems, but it also underscores the critical role that human actions can play in bolstering the natural habitats of these remarkable creatures. By nurturing an environment that allows turtles to thrive and continue their ancient cycle of life, these states are contributing to the broader global mission of safeguarding biodiversity and ensuring the survival of these magnificent species for generations to come.


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