Amazing Great-Grandmother Feeds 200 Needy School Kids Every Day

Imagine living in a location with limited industry and scarce funds. Now, imagine an entire county largely dependent upon help from the government to ensure its families get fed.

This is a reality for many who live in Gray’s Harbor County, Washington. When school is in session, most children of this ‘financially depressed’ area depend upon free lunch to help cut food costs at home. But when it was announced earlier in 2015 that the school would not be providing free or reduced price meals during the summer, many were concerned with how they’d feed their children.

Knowing this turn of events would negatively affect families, Phyllis Shaughnessy and a group of volunteers decided to do something. The team held a fundraiser, and together created a free food service responsible for delivering 200+ lunches every day to needy children.

Thanks to the Green Lantern Tavern, Phyllis and the team of volunteers had a place to create low-cost meals for kids around the county. Each morning they gathered to pack the 200+ lunches featuring mostly non-perishable food items. Afterward, they would fan out and deliver the “Green Lantern Lunches.”

Now that school is back in session around the United States, most of the kids will have access to an FDA-approved school lunch. But Phyllis doesn’t plan on stopping the service anytime soon. She intends on keeping the food program going on weekends and holidays throughout the school year. She says she’s delivering more than just a meal.

“You’re offering the children hope and love and a lunch,” Shaughnessy told KING News. “They need to know someone cares.”

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