Solar Powered Floating Farm Could Provide 9855 Tons Of Food Per Year

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As solar energy is quickly rising in efficiency and lowering in price, more creative solutions are being devised to fully bring this technology into widespread mainstream use.

One possible idea that opens many possibilities for solar power, is solar farms that actually float on water.

According to recent reports, one company named Forward Thinking Architecture from Barcelona, Spain is taking this idea a step further, by farming food as well as energy from the sun.

The company has estimated that their project will yield at least 8,152 tons of vegetables a year and 1,703 tons of fish a year.

Javier F. Ponce, one of the minds behind the project said that,Facing the current challenges of cities growing, land consumption and climate change, I believe projects like the Smart Floating Farms can help change some of the existing paradigms which have led us to the present situation and open new possibilities which can improve the quality of human life and the environment. Based on a Floating Multi-layered strategy which combines Aquaculture(fish), Hydroponics(crops) and Photovoltaics(solar power), we aim that these floating farms can be located close to areas where food is more needed and potentially become automated Farm Clusters run by the use of IT technologies/software.”

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As we reported last year, other companies have also been setting up solar panels out in the water.

Kyocera and Century Tokyo Leasing recently announced the construction of the world’s largest floating solar factory. The factory will generate electricity just off the coast of Japan, where many people are seeking renewable sources of energy in the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster.

The site will be located on Yamakura Dam, which is in Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, in Japan. This is a great innovation not just because Japan is short on space, but also because it allows the solar panels to operate more efficiently, because the water acts as a natural cooling system.

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