Amazing! Horse Rocks Cradle Every Time Baby Cries [Watch]

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Posted by Equidia on Friday, May 13, 2016

If you’re feeling down about the state of the planet, just look to nature. More often than not, animals are observed being far more compassionate to others than humans are. An example of this is Harambe, a gorilla that was recently shot and killed after a 3-year-old toddler fell into his zoo exhibit. New footage reveals that he pulled up the child’s pants and was holding the kid’s hand moments before being killed.

Another excellent example can be viewed in the video above. Posted by Equidia – La Chaîne du Cheval, a Canadian organization that cares for and trains horses, the mare can be seen rocking a baby’s cradle every time the infant cries.

Every time the baby gets fussy, the mare reaches over and gives the chair a rocking. Her patience and focus is heartwarming, and we’ll bet you agree.

Credit: Equidia - La Chaîne du Cheval
Credit: Equidia – La Chaîne du Cheval

One has to wonder, when animals continuously exhibit signs of intelligence and compassion, why they are still so exploited by the human race. From zoos to the meat market, there’s a disconnect that is begging to be acknowledged.

Thankfully, good humans do exist, too, like these conservationists who helped rescue a stranded killer whale.

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