New Footage Shows Gorilla Holding Hands With 3-Yo Before Being Killed [Watch]


By now, everyone has heard about Harambe, a 17-year-old gorilla who was shot and killed on Saturday after a 3-year-old toddler fell into the exhibit. After much debate, zookeepers chose to execute the silverback ape because he weas reportedly being violent toward the toddler.

What the media failed to share, however, was that the 400-pound gorilla was attempting to care for the young boy. As True Activist reported yesterday, Harambe pulled up the boy’s pants before dragging him away from the shouting and screaming crowd, likely frightened and/or agitated by the ruckus.

Now, a new video has surfaced showing that Harambe was also holding the boy’s hand prior to being shot.

Enraged activist are demanding that the boy’s parents be held accountable for the death of the gorilla. PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) also criticized the zoo’s lack of a second protective barrier around the gorilla exhibit.


Is this more evidence that zoos should be shut down completely?

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