Anti-Trump Protests Continue Throughout US As Accusations Swirl Regarding Soros’ Influence

Credit – NBC Los Angeles

As True Activist predicted, violence, riots, and protests have erupted following the US Presidential Election, underscoring how the long-standing divides within the United States have been blown wide open by a stressful and intense election season. Since the results were announced and the shock wore off over Trump’s surprise win, protests have been taking place throughout the country where Clinton supporters and Trump opponents have sought to make it known that Trump is not their president. Though the protests have been mostly peaceful, violence has taken place including shootings, lootings, and vandalism. With the weekend here, the protests seem to be growing. Just today, 10,000 to 15,000 protestors flooded downtown Los Angeles in protest of Trump’s political victory. Despite instances of violence, Trump did not condemn the aggression, instead opting to praise protestors for their “passion” and “dedication” to the country and its future. However, Trump had previously blamed the protests as the work of “professional protestors.”

Interestingly, the involvement of “professional protestors” has been proven, drawing accusations of powerful organizations and wealthy individuals were paying “activists” to incite violence against Trump and his supporters. This echoes some of the same issues that appeared during the presidential campaign, as WikiLeaks and Project Veritas confirmed that Clinton-linked groups were in fact paying people to instigate violence at events associated with Donald Trump. Now, many of the protests are being organized by groups sponsored by billionaire currency manipulator and long-time Clinton supporter George Soros.

MoveOn.Org, whose connections to Soros are numerous, has been responsible for organizing over 200 of the protests taking place around the country, though no proof has emerged of the organization persuading protestors to take part in violent acts. In addition, in the Seattle area, Craigslist ads were found offering “full time activists” $15-20 an hour along with full medical and dental benefits to “fight the trump agenda.” In addition, at least one example of a Soros employee posing as a protestor was found when a Soros Justice Fellow working for Soros’ Open Society Foundation was featured in a photo claiming to show protestors blocking traffic at an anti-Trump rally.

However, there is currently no way to know the extent of the influence of these “professional protestors” on the anti-Trump protests. There is no denying that many of those who opposed Trump are frustrated and angry over his surprise win. It is more than likely that many of them chose to protest on their own initiative. Yet, it seems that some now pawns in what some have dubbed an attempted “color revolution” in the United States, bank-rolled by Soros. Soros has funded numerous “revolutions” abroad, including the 2014 coup in Ukraine. WikiLeaks also revealed that Soros gave Hillary Clinton step-by-step instructions in how to respond to key foreign policy events while she was serving as Secretary of State, highlighting the billionaire’s tradition of meddling in US government affairs.

The possibility of a post-election upset deposing Trump has also been amplified by the efforts of Clinton supporters to convince the Electoral College to ignore the popular votes of their states when they officially choose the President on December 19th. With Trump and other politicians publicly calling for unity, it seems that discontent is not only running through America’s streets but also behind closed doors in the country’s seat of power.

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