Australian Homebuilder Will Include A Tesla Powerwall In Every New Home

A Tesla Powerwall can help homeowners slash electric bills by up to 92%.

Credit: Arden Homes

Because the Tesla Powerwall allows homes to run on renewable energy (regardless if the sun is shining) and, therefore, will save homeowners a heap of money, Australian home builders have pledged to include one in each new house that is constructed.

The new initiative is a collaboration between Arden Homes and certified Tesla Powerwall reseller Bradford Solar. Regardless of homeowners’ architectural desires, they will get the best of the best with the Bradford Solar ChargePack.

Futurism reports that the rechargeable lithium-ion battery, created by Tesla, is a reliable backup source of power during outages and can help owners or tenants slash electric bills by up to 92%. The maker of the battery explains that when electricity demand is low the battery still charges, ensuring rates are low. When electricity demand is higher and rates are more expensive the Powerwall discharges.

Solar panels will be installed on home rooftops and continue to gather energy. That energy, however, can then “be used to power your appliances, fed back into the grid, or stored for later use,” explains an Arden brochure. An added feature is the cloud-based monitoring system that allows people to track energy consumption from their smartphones.

Arden Homes constructs homes that allow in plenty of natural lighting.
Credit: Arden Homes

The Australian company says that families could save around $2,500 every year on electric costs. And, with a five kilowatt (kW) Bradford Solar ChargePack, it will be possible for a family of four to attain 90% self-sufficiency each day. The ultimate aim is to reduce the average family’s dependency on the grid.

Inhabitat relays that approximately 15% of Australian households (over 1.5 million homes) are utilizing solar energy. And, those rates are increasing not only in the “land down under,” but in countries all around the globe. Installing the Tesla Powerwall 2 into homes not only makes Arden Homes stand apart from the competition but is helping shift the population to live in more eco-friendly abodes.

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