Baby Rescued From Rubble Four Days After Building Collapse In Kenya

Credit: Associated Press via ABC News
Credit: Associated Press via ABC News

Who said miracles don’t exist? On April 29, a travesty occurred in Nairobi, Kenya, when a six-story building collapsed, crushing the inhabitants inside.

While aid workers hurried to pull away the rubble and rescue any survivors, many lost hope that anyone could survive the disaster. They were joyfully proven wrong days later, however.

The first victim to be rescued was a pregnant woman who, unfortunately, lost her child from the trauma. Not long after, a six-year-old girl was found alive – relatively unscathed and dehydrated.

Reportedly, the apartment building collapsed amid heavy rains in the Kenyan capital, and left dozens dead and missing.

Credit: Kenya Red Cross
Credit: Kenya Red Cross

Four days after the incident, another miracle was reported when a six-month-old baby was found in the rubble of a building.

Said Anthony Mwangi from Kenya Red Cross:

“The child had been buried for about 80 hours, was found in a bucket wrapped in a blanket. She appeared dehydrated and had no visible physical injuries.” 

Dealeryn Saisi Wasike was believed to have been wrapped in the blanket by her mother who was killed. It is suspected that this simple gesture helped keep the child alive.

“It is a miracle the child managed to survive for four days under the rubble,” Mwangi said.

According to the Red Cross, Dealeryn has been reunited with her father.

The building collapse in Nairobi’s Huruma neighborhood killed 23 people, but nearly 140 were rescued. However, this is not an isolated incident. According to a report from the audit by the National Construction Authority, 58% of buildings in the capital are unfit for habitation. This is because the majority of Nairobi’s estimated 4 million people live in low-income areas or slums, and lack the funds to invest in secure and safe housing.

While President Uhuru Kenyatta ordered an audit of all the country’s buildings to see if they are up to code after similar disasters last year, it is unknown if change can – or will – be implemented before the rains result in further damage.

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