Barista Slams Hillary Clinton For Using Her In Photo-Op: “I’m Voting Bernie.”

Credit: Instagram @HillaryClinton
Credit: Instagram @HillaryClinton

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton shared a photo of herself being served a steaming hot espresso by a smiling barista in Detroit, Michigan.

Not only did she get the name of the coffee shop wrong (it’s Astro Cafe, not “Avalon Bakery”), she also offended an avid Bernie Sanders supporter.

Washington Times reports that Clinton’s team shared the promotional photo on her Instagram with the caption:

“Inspired by the women who started @AvalonBakery. Highly recommend the coffee, too.”

Not long after, the purported barista chimed in.

Instagram user @jillmwilson wrote:

“That’s me and I’m voting Bernie. I’d like it if you took the pic down.”

Well, that’s awkward. 


The coffee shop also poked fun at Mrs. Clinton for ordering an espresso to go.

“Espresso to go?!? She must be feeling the BERN,” reads a caption on the cafe’s Instagram account.

The photo is still up on Mrs. Clinton’s account, but the caption has now changed to, “Highly recommend the coffee at Astro.” 

Sanders’ win in Michigan clearly shows the mentality of most residents in the state. No wonder the barista and cafe owners were so quick to Bern her.

Credit: Instagram @Hillary Clinton
Credit: Instagram @Hillary Clinton

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