Beach-Goers Return Giant Manta Ray Back To the Ocean [Must Watch]

Credit: Facebook

At first glance, the giant dark mass in the photo above is a curious sight. Undoubtedly, its presence would prompt many beach-goers to walk on by. Fortunately, a group of compassionate individuals did the opposite of that and helped the creature, which is a giant manta ray, get free and back into the sea.

The video below shows approximately six individuals working together to push the animal back to shore. Because of the animal’s large size and the waves that kept transporting it back to the beach, the task wasn’t an easy one. After persevering, however, they succeeded!

The enormous ocean dweller finally received the momentum needed to escape the incoming tide. So far, there is no word on whether or not the manta ray is okay. The fact that beach-goers used the opportunity to help the creature rather than take selfies with it, however, speaks volumes and is worth applauding.

Watch the video below:

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