Biggest Loser Producer Launches Vegan Weight Loss TV Show

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Step aside, Biggest Loser. Producer JD Roth has a new health and fitness show in mind, and it’s called The Big Fat Truth. Rather than push contestants to trim their waistlines through excessive exercise and militant personal trainers, the show will challenge participants to adopt a plant-based, vegan diet for 90 days in an effort to help them lose weight and experience healing. 

As VegNews reports, each episode will be an hour long and will follow a specific group of people – diabetics, new moms, night nurses, and previous weight-loss show contestants – as they consume a diet devoid of animal products, including meat, dairy and cheese, eggs, and seafood.

Vegan meal delivery service Kitchen Therapy has partnered with the show to provide participants whole food, plant-based meals for the first 10 days of their journey. Throughout the ninety days, each individual’s progress will be monitored by vegan medical professionals, including Michael Gregor, MD – who Roth refers to as “the Michael Jordan of the plant-based world.”

Roth was inspired to produce the show due to the success he’s experienced from adopting a plant-based diet. Reportedly, he transitioned to a predominantly vegan diet years ago and documented the journey in his book, “The Big Fat Truth.” He explains,

“Over the years, I’ve learned what I’ve done right and what I’ve done wrong. I can no longer support a lifestyle with animal products knowing what I know.”

Roth shares that the success diabetic participants have experienced from being a part of the show is phenomenal. Reportedly, all six stopped taking medication after the initial 10-day, plant-based transition. Similar was experienced by diabetic patients who partook in a trial by the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona. The documentary “Simply Raw: Reversing Diabetes in 30 Days” relays more.

The producer believes that the medical industry has much to learn when it comes to preventative medicine and reversing illness via a plant-based diet and healthy lifestyle choices. After all, a number of Biggest Loser participants regained a lot of the weight after winning the show, such as Ryan Benson. To keep the weight off, people need to learn how to eat and live healthfully for the long-term.

“I want to do my part with the brand I built,” Roth says. “It’s not about watching me drink almond milk, but about putting it into action.”

The first episode of The Big Fat Truth is set to debut in April 2017 on the wellness network Z Living.

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