BMW To Only Produce Electric Vehicles Within 10 Years

Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

A lot will happen within the next decade: Not only may African elephants may go extinct due to poaching, but 1/3 of the polar bear population may die off due to humanity’s unsustainable habits.

One car company is seeking to reduce the likelihood of these happenings, however, by aiming to produce only electric cars within the same time period.

Just recently, BMW announced that all of its vehicles will be electric within the next decade. The German automaker has dedicated a lot of money and effort the past few years into Project i, a subdivision of the company dedicated to building, in eco-friendly factories, fuel alternative vehicles. By 2025, then, the brand will transition all of its lineup to cars that run only on electricity.

As The Hollywood Reporter shares: 

The cars would be driven by separate electric motors powering the front and rear wheels” and “a small gasoline engine would be used to generate electricity to extend the range of the batteries.”

The automaker’s decision is based primarily on increasing restrictions by the EU on carbon emissions, and partly on the success hybrid and electric cars have had in the market.


Ever since Tesla’s Model S SUV was released in 2012 and began dominating the eco-friendly market, other car companies have aimed to follow suit and compete with the company.

The electric Model X is supposed to be launched this fall and more than 20,000 people have already put in $5,000 deposits to guarantee theirs. The first two cars from BMW’s Project i, the $43,000 i3 electric and the $135,000 i8 supercar, have also done well in the market. At present, the i3 is the fourth best-selling electric car in the United States.

With vehicles taking the blame for mass carbon production, and in effect decline of species like the polar bears, other companies are ‘going green’ as well. Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Audie are also jumping on the electric bandwagon and releasing their own electric models within the next three years. General Motors is also getting in on the action, having released images of its Bolt vehicle, which will retail at #30,000 being a highly priced electric expected in 2018.

With all these car companies phasing to electric, will gas pumps one day be a thing of the past?

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