Bus Driver Buys Hats And Gloves For Students After Child Cried From The Cold

Credit: Kennewick School District via Distractify

Meet hero John Lunceford who, in addition to being a grandfather and kind samaritan, drives a bus for the Kennewick School District in Washington. Recently, Lunceford was transporting students when one of the kids along his route burst into tears because of how cold it was. The young boy reportedly had no winter wear and had freezing red ears and hands by the time he found refuge in the bus.

Lunceford immediately began to comfort the boy and gave the child his winter wear. He told ABC 7 News:

“I put my gloves on him and told him, ‘It’ll be OK, it’ll be OK.”

Once all the students were deposited at school, Lunceford then headed to the nearest store. There, he bought 10 pairs of gloves and hats in black and pink. The driver then traveled back to the elementary. After speaking with school administrators, he tracked down the boy whose gloves he let borrow and gifted the child his own winter wear.

He then turned to the rest of the children and told them that if they were on his bus route and they didn’t have their hats and gloves, they would be taken care of. Recalls Lunceford:

“There was a little girl who said ‘I don’t have a hat,’ and I said ‘I’ll take care of you, sweetie.’”

“I’m a grandfather, you know. No one wants a kid to suffer like that,” he added.

Our staff members have big hearts and on Thursday one bus driver acted on his when he saw a student in need.The…

Posted by Kennewick School District on Sunday, December 11, 2016

Like many compassionate people, Lunceford doesn’t think he did anything special. However, it might be stated that every positive deed is worth mentioning, for kindness radiates outward and affects more than one can possibly know.

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