Cameron Diaz Brilliantly Explains Why Fame Will NOT Bring You Happiness [Watch]

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When you think of being famous, what is imagined? Most people when asked this question relay that they daydream of being surrounded by hoards of paparazzi and adoring fans, having plenty of money in the bank, and knowing that they are free to do whatever they want in life.

While the idea of being famous based on that assumption – which is largely promoted by Hollywood and the mainstream media – sounds nice, it’s not all it’s made out to be, according to Cameron Diaz. In an interview for the documentary Human, the celebrity actress expressed that being famous shouldn’t be one’s largest goal. Why? Because they will never be happy if what they’re chasing after is largely an effect of a person’s vocation or calling in life.

Diaz explains that yes, she’s famous in the traditional sense, but that’s just when she’s out in public. When she’s home with her family, she’s just her ‘self’, an individual who loves to act and fortunately gets paid to do so. The entire interview is compelling, considering many people believe that being famous will drastically change their lives for the better. Watch the interview below:

It’s important to note that wanting to be famous is a means to an end. What that means, is that what people want most is to be respected and to feel loved. Being famous is seen as a definitive way to obtain such. Similar could be said for wanting to be a doctor, quite simply because one wants to feel respected, make a lot of money, and be depended on by people. What people should focus on instead of the ‘means’ goal (being famous, becoming a doctor) is the ‘end’ goal: feeling respected, feeling loved, making plenty of money to live a comfortable life.

When the ‘means’ goal is transformed into the ‘end’ goal, the intention is no longer on a superficial focus which may or may not bring someone happiness. Instead, they are free to research other methods of attaining their goals, ones that might best suit their personal ambitions. 

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