Canadians Are Eating Less Meat, Reports New Study


There are many great reasons to reduce your consumption of meat; not only does the average vegetarian save around 100 animals each year, it’s been concluded that a plant-based diet is optimal for health and  the environment. 

Residents in Canada must be listening to such advice, as meat consumption is reportedly decreasing.

A new study from the Conference Board of Canada reports that meat consumption is dropping in the country, largely in part to an aging population and increasing food prices.

The Globe and Mail reports:

“Annual per-capita meat consumption has declined since 1999, led by a 31-per-cent drop in pork and a 19-per-cent reduction in beef, even though disposable incomes rose steadily in the same period.” 

According to the study, elders are now more likely to say “no” to red meat for health reasons, and Canadian immigrants are forgoing meat consumption for religious reasons. In addition, the prices of beef and pork have skyrocketed in recent years due to a shortage of supply in North America.

One might assume that increased awareness about the treatment of animals in factory farms has also contributed to the decline of meat-heavy diets.

The report does note that while meat consumption is decreasing overall, chicken consumption has actually increased in Canada by 11 percent.

Canada’s neighbor, the United States, has been experiencing a steady decline in meat consumption since 2007, so perhaps this news shouldn’t be so surprising. Either way, the future looks optimistic for animals and the environment if the trend continues.

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