Cheating Husband Takes Wife On Skydiving Adventure- She Had No Idea He Had Evil Plans…


Marriage is no easy feat. In fact, it takes understanding, hard work, and lots of patience. In the case of the Cilliers, it would seem that the husband had forgotten the vows he had once so lovingly told his wife on their wedding day. Instead, he did the unimaginable, the truly unthinkable. He reportedly attempted to end his wife’s life, twice. And while the jury for his original trial just couldn’t come to a conclusion on his case, another one has been set for another date. Given the circumstances surrounding the case, it looks like he truly is guilty.

And after you read this story, we’re positive that we’re not the only ones who think so.

Emile And Victoria Cilliers


Emile and Victoria Cilliers looked like they had happier days. In what would look like the earlier years of their marriage, they appeared happy and in love. They would go on to have six children while living in Aldershot, Hampshire in England. And most believed that they would be in a life-long marriage until the end of their days.

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