Cheating Husband Takes Wife On Skydiving Adventure- She Had No Idea He Had Evil Plans…

It Didn’t End There


The jury was also shown other messages that referred to the overly popular sexual fantasies and even the racy book, ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ when Stefanie had explained to Emile that she was going to do extra work cleaning to make more money. He had said, “Will you be my cleaner? I only like nude house cleaners. I pay with hugs and kisses.”

Call Me Mr. Grey


More text messages would be shown during the trial against Emile. When Stefanie had alluded that she loved a man in uniform, which he was being in the army, he had messaged her “You going onto (sic) salute me?” To which she then said, “I guess sometimes I will have to obey you,” and he replied, “Will you call me your Mr. Grey?” It was obviously a relationship that was thick with sexual innuendos and erotic fantasies despite Emile being married with children.

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