Chile Declassifies UFO Footage After 2 Year Investigation Fails To Explain Phenomenon [Watch]

Credit – CEFAA

Unidentified flying objects, better known as UFOs, have been one of the most well-known unexplainable phenomenas for centuries. However, unlike centuries past, modern technology has enabled those who witness such objects to record them with unprecedented clarity. Though the ability to record UFOs would ostensibly make it easier to identify the aircraft, some videos have raised more questions than they answer.

One such video was captured in November 2014 by a Chilean naval helicopter on the coast of Quintero, Chile, near the bustling port city of Valparaíso. The pilot was conducting a routine daytime coastal patrol when he identified a UFO ahead. The object caught his attention due to its unusual movement as it was flying horizontally at a steady speed. The recording, which lasts about ten minutes, shows the UFO ejecting a cloud of unknown composition into the air. The cloud, invisible to the naked human eye, appeared visible only on the infrared (IR) spectrum. The ejected material dispersed into the clouds soon after its release.

The pilot and his crew contacted local airports and land-based military installations looking to confirm if the object appeared on their radar. However, not a single one was able to detect the UFO’s presence though they were able to identify the helicopter itself. Undeterred, the crew made attempts to contact the aircraft using standard civilian radio frequencies. Their attempts were unsuccessful and, soon after, the aircraft disappeared into the clouds and was lost from view.

After the bizarre incident, theory after theory attempted to explain the phenomenon, though all were quickly debunked. One of the reasons why these explanations were so quickly discredited was the way in which the footage was captured as the video was filmed using a sophisticated Surveillance & Reconnaissance (SAR) camera. Not only that but nearby radar installations were able to detect the helicopter but not the UFO, ruling out the possibility that the unknown aircraft was a low-flying airplane or weather balloon. As the two-year investigation wore on, multiple government agencies were contacted in attempts to verify if falling space debris or malfunctioning satellites could explain the unusual footage. Experts including astrophysicists, video & image analysts, and aeronautic engineers were unable to explain the object after two years. After the investigation lost steam, the Chilean government agency in charge of investigating UFOs and similar occurrences declassified and released the footage in full, which is available in full at the end of this article.

Regardless of what really happened that day in 2014, UFO cases will continue to arise, as they have for hundreds of years, and will continue to arouse long-standing questions of our place in the universe. Though many assume UFOs are signs of alien intelligence, there is also the possibility that such aircraft could be high-tech planes developed by secretive government intelligence organizations for unknown purposes. Indeed, the US intelligence community has a massive “black budget” which has allegedly been used to fund and create incredibly advanced stealth aircraft. Whether humans or other life forms are behind this recent UFO sighting, questions will continue to swirl until other governments follow Chile’s example of declassifying unexplainable and potentially extraterrestrial events.

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