Clinton Insults Young Voters, Says She “Feels Sorry” That They’re Naive And Lazy

Credit: Huffington Post
Credit: Huffington Post

In an interview on Meet the Press on MSNBC, Hillary Clinton suggested that young voters are naive for believing the “lies” that political opponent Sanders spreads about her and lazy for not doing their own research on the matter.

The matter that Clinton referred to in the interview was the accusation that she takes campaign money from the fossil fuel industry, which is an issue that went viral last week after a Greenpeace activist asked her not to accept donations from the industry. Clinton lashed out at the activist, saying, “I do not have money from people who work for fossil fuel companies. I am so sick of the Sanders campaign lying about me.”

When asked about what exactly the Sanders campaign was “lying” about, Clinton touted her own political background in climate change and cited articles from “independent” sources that backed up her statements. Her campaign stands by the claim that they have only accepted $300,000 from fossil fuel companies, and she went on to say, “I feel sorry sometimes, for the young people who, you know, believe this — they don’t do their own research.”

In response, “young people” once again came together to do “their own research” on Clinton’s campaign donations and found that, collectively, her campaign has actually accepted about $4.5 million in fossil fuel-related donations. Though only $300,000 came directly from employees in the industry, $1.3 million came from lobbyists who work as “bundlers” for her campaign and are associated with the fossil fuel industry and $3.25 million came from industry-connected donors.

Additionally, the “independent” sources that Clinton cited are the Washington Post and the New York Times. The Times has directly endorsed Clinton’s campaign, while the Post has been unloading nonstop attacks on the Sanders campaign for quite some time now. To say these sources are “reliable, independent analysis” on her background and donations seems to be a lie in itself.

Clinton has been accused of lying so many times during this election that it’s almost expected of her now at every turn, but hopefully young people will in fact do their research to see the Democratic candidate’s true allegiances.

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