Company Responds To Father Seeking Discontinued Sippy Cup In Marvelous Way

Credit: Marc Carter

From the age of two, a severely autistic 14-year-old boy named Ben Carter has used the same sippy cup. Unsurprisingly, the cup has degraded due to use. While most parents might throw the container out and purchase a new one, Ben’s dad, Marc, can do no such thing. This is because the cup isn’t only discontinued, it’s the only beverage holder Ben will use. In fact, Ben has been hospitalized due to dehydration because he won’t drink out of any cup other than the Tommee Tippee one.

To solve this conundrum, Marc sent out a plea on social media asking for internet users to donate a similar Tommee Tippee cup to help his son. Reportedly, people were more than happy to help.


The story might have ended there, but the manufacturer decided to get involved and assist Ben, too…



After Tommee Tippee learned of Ben’s predicament, they agreed to make not one, not two, but 500 of the discontinued cups for the young man!

Credit: Marc Carter
Credit: Marc Carter

 Marc received a shipment of the sippy cups and was elated at Tommee Tippee’s generosity. In the video below, he says:

“It’s a shock, and a surprise, and just a bit bizarre really that they’ve managed to do this. I can’t stop smiling”

The picture, which was posted to Twitter a couple of weeks ago, was retweeted more than 19,000 times in a short period of time. Now, Ben has more Tommee Tippee sippy cups than he can possibly use in his lifetime.

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