Cutest Ad Imaginable Explains Why Orcas Belong In The Wild, Not SeaWorld

The minds of young children are curious and impressionable. In recognition of this truth, the company Munchkin, a maker of children’s products, has decided to stop selling its orca bathtub toy. Though adults might perceive the toy as an innocent object with no meaning, it does send a message to the young children who play with it.

“A bathtub just isn’t big enough for an orca,” the company says.

By phasing out the product, Munchkin aims to symbolically support the idea the orcas belong in the ocean, not in SeaWorld’s shallow pools. The sweet ad (above) was created to announce the company’s decision, as well as to example the kind of relationship children should be having with the majestic creatures. Through November 16, Munchkin will also donate 100% of its proceeds to Whale and Dolphin Conservation. If you don’t have kids, you can still support the company’s efforts by purchasing a t-shirt.

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