Dubai, India Boycotts SeaWorld With Recent Petition


Activists in the United States could not make their disdain for SeaWorld any clearer… Which is likely why the infamous marine park is seeking to go international.

After SeaWorld released plans to expand operations into the Middle East last year, animal activist Melanie Barrett concluded that Dubai would be an obvious choice for a location. To stop the company in its tracks, she started a petition for people everywhere to join in the boycotting of SeaWorld.

So far, the petition has accumulated over 100,000 signatures!

Said Barett:

“SeaWorld speaks so excitedly about plans to open a Middle East park but how do you think the whales feel about that? Do you think the whales are excited to be crane lifted into a jumbo jet and flown half way across the world only to be put in another tank in the middle of the desert?”

Locals in Saudi Arabia aren’t sure they want the bad press associated with SeaWorld coming into their country, either, as the United Arab Emirates news media reports. 

“It is cruel to keep any animal in captivity and the negative publicity would be huge,” said activist Kirstie Lawton. “With all the campaigning and demands for it to be closed in the US, it’s no wonder SeaWorld is looking for a new location.”

As The National reports, SeaWorld would not comment on the expansion plans or if the petition will affect it. If the petition does influence the company’s intentions, it will be the second time this year public outcry has halted SeaWorld developments.

July 2015, the California Coastal Commission delayed the vote to approve SeaWorld’s building bigger (yet still incredibly small) tanks for its whales after receiving 75,000 messages by concerned citizens opposing the move.

Hopefully, this preemptive boycott will inspire SeaWorld to change its ways. If not, the marine park might want to prepare for eventual bankruptcy, as its campaigns have yet to revive public interest.

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