Dad Supports Son By Tattooing Cancer Scar On His Head

Credit: J-Mash
Credit: @aesthetic_revolution

In March 2015, a young boy named Gabriel Marshall was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. He and his family, who reside in Kansas, U.S., were understandably upset, but persevered together to ensure that Gabriel received the best treatment for the illness. 

The first step of action was for the young man to undergo surgery. Unfortunately, this left him with a large scar on the side of his head. To boost his son’s confidence and prove his commitment to his journey, Gabriel’s father, Josh “J-Mash” Marshall did something amazing: he tattooed his son’s scar on his own head.

Josh received the tattoo to show his solidarity to his son’s plight, not to gain attention. But, as the internet found out about the gesture, support poured in.

Josh wrote on his Facebook page:

“Wow I never imagined this picture would blow up like it did.” 

People have gladly been showing their respect for the father and son by sharing the image which J-Mash originally shared on Instagram.

The caption on the photo reads:

“One’s a real scar. One is a tattoo to show support and make him feel normal. Father of the year?”

He’s definitely one of the best dads of the year, that’s for sure.

Following are some photos of the two together. 

Credit: @aesthetic_revolution
Credit: @aesthetic_revolution
Credit: @aesthetic_revolution
Credit: @aesthetic_revolution

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