Dog Moms Forced To Deliver “Teacup” Puppies By C-Section To Make Them Extra Small

Credit: Teacup Puppies
Credit: Teacup Puppies

Pet overpopulation is no small issue, and puppy mills are one of the largest contributors to the overpopulation of dogs in the United States. Though many people know that puppy mills are bad, most don’t know how to help stop them and continue to add to the problem, causing these inhumane industries to flourish.

Adopting a dog at the shelter instead of shopping for one at a pet store or using a breeder is a huge way that people can help reduce dog overpopulation, and some cities have even ruled that their pet stores are only allowed to sell shelter dogs.

Though some U.S. cities are on-board with the plan, there is one country in particular that is actually going in reverse and instead passed legislation that caters to the national industry that specialize in “teacup” puppies.

With the new legislation, breeders can now sell their puppies online—making it infinitely easier for puppy mills to run their businesses with even less involvement with customers and regulation. Not only can they sell puppies online, but President Park Geun-hye is financially incentivizing the practice because he believes it will boost the economy.

Credit: Cool Animal World
Credit: Cool Animal World

This is a horrific setback for the goals that animal rights activists have been working tirelessly towards, and AJ Garcia from Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth (CARE) said that their organization was even invited several times to speak with the government about reducing cruelty in puppy mills. He said they feel backstabbed by the government and added,

“We really thought that puppy mills would be banned. If not banned, there would be a lot more regulation. That’s what we were led to believe.”

A recent documentary that revealed the true cruelty of puppy mills was thought to be the catalyst for finally cracking down on the inhumane industry, but the president of South Korea evidently didn’t seem too emotionally-driven by the film.

The documentary revealed that in order to keep teacup puppies tiny, they were often delivered forcefully by C-section at a premature age. Not only is this incredibly unhealthy for both the mom and underdeveloped puppy, but these procedures are often performed without anesthetics by untrained workers.

Credit: Ban Unethical Breeding of Teacup Puppies
Credit: Ban Unethical Breeding of Teacup Puppies

What’s worse is that South Korea is already notoriously bad at keeping their pet population low, and Shannon Milojkovic, a volunteer at shelters in South Korea, told The Dodo,

“This is ridiculous considering there is virtually no rescue culture here and the shelters, already underfunded and managed, and stuffed full. Public shelters allow 10 days to each animal to be adopted before being euthanized. Animals surrendered by their owners are euthanized the same day.”

The majority of humans will never know what it’s like to be continuously impregnated and forced to give birth for their entire lives until they are sold to a meat farm and tortured to death, but hopefully we all can empathize with these poor dogs and take action.

Here’s what you can do to help stop horrible puppy mills from continuing with their business: refuse to buy anything, such as dog collars or food, from conventional pet stores, always adopt animals rather than shopping for them online or in-store, support legislation that cracks down on puppy mills and let your friends know that they can also do these little things to help end these puppy mills for good.

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