Dog Saves Baby Dolphin Stranded On The Beach In Wales


By: Lipika Mudgal   When we come across animals, we learn about their different personality traits and intelligence. Some examples of animal intelligence – like vigilance and helpful nature have been seen recently.

While having a walk on a beach in Wales with its owner Rich Wilcock, a little dog named Leia found a baby dolphin that was stranded and saved its life.

Leia started barking at something and drew attention of its owner towards it. On a closer look, it was found that a baby dolphin was stuck in the sand. Leia’s owner helped the dolphin back to the ocean and made a video of the event. He uploaded this video on YouTube.

Rich told the Daily Post, “I was taking pictures and videos of the scenery when Leia started to make a right old fuss.”

“She kept coming up to me, barking and nudging me, she must have smelt the dolphin from a mile off.”

“At first I thought it was a baby shark, it was only about one and half foot but on a closer inspection, I could see the blow hole on top of his head and realized it was a dolphin.”

“There was nobody around for miles so I did what I could as gently as possible. I lifted him gently under the belly and popped him back amongst the waves and he swam away into deeper water. I combed the beach for a while afterwards and stayed for an hour or so to make sure he made it back out to sea.”

Leia’s owner not only waited to make sure it didn’t come back inland again, but he also contacted the coastguard who let the science team know, so they could keep an eye out for the little dolphins.

It’s stupendous to see people (and dogs!) helping out wildlife. Rich did really a good job at such a remote location but the real hero of the day was Leia, who could sense that another animal was in need and made sure to get her human’s attention.

“…If it wasn’t for my dog barking at me I would have missed him too,” Leia’s owner wrote on YouTube.

He decided to nickname the baby dolphin Buddy, and took a photo of it after he was safely off and swimming again.

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