Duo Takes Down Pedophiles One At A Time With Sting Operations

Credit: Dark Justice (Pictured: Richard Hewitt, a 40-year-old man arrested after trying to meet up with a 13-year-old girl.)

Self-proclaimed pedophile hunters that go by the group name “Dark Justice” are a force to be reckoned with as they target older men in England that attempt to connect with young girls. Also known as Callum and Scott, they produce videos of their operations and the moment when they approach men who believe they are about to meet an underage girl, usually for a sexual encounter.

They prefer to remain anonymous, as their under-the-radar approach permits them to better snare perpetrators and catch them unsuspecting. They surfaced for a rare live TV interview last year on This Morning, where they were hooded with their backs to the cameras.

When asked why they didn’t officially cooperate with police, such as by offering technical assistance with sting operations or by joining law enforcement, they explained that doing so would bog them down with red tape and prevent them from being successful in many capacities.

“We’re not being burned by the legislations to catch people. We can just go straight out and talk to people and not be held back,” they said to interviewers on This Morning.

This certainly works to their advantage, as their method always involves approaching men who have agreed to meet an underage girl in public. Of course, no such underage girl exists because the two men have posed as one online and have communicated with the men through chats prior to the meeting.

Credit: This Morning

When the duo arrives to confront the men, they have already alerted the authorities, who are on their way, and the men are then taken into custody for their intention to solicit sexual favors from girls that are underage. For those that oppose their actions because it’s unfair entrapment, the two pedophile hunters said,

“We’ll set up profiles on social media acting as children aged between 11 and 15 and if people contact us we tell them again the ages. If they continue to act sexual then we will tell them where we want to meet and inform the police.

“It’s not entrapment, they’re choosing to do it. Were not saying anything sexual it’s their free will, we’re not forcing them to do anything.”

Though they aren’t officially involved with the police, they said that law enforcement is coming around to taking them seriously when it comes to gathering evidence. Recently, they were asked to provide evidence for a pedophile case they had helped with, which had never happened before.

At the time of their live interview in April 2016, Dark Justice had helped convict 20 pedophiles, but that number has since skyrocketed. The group is extremely active on Twitter, often posting every other night about men they most recently helped catch. Since they reportedly work 17 hours everyday, unpaid, it makes sense that their hard work would yield such huge results.

Unfortunately, this is the work people wish no one should have to do, but since this sick crime exists it’s great that there are a pair of people out there looking out for other humans by helping to take pedophiles off of the streets.

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