An Englishman Crowdfunded A Greek Bailout And Raised A Quarter Million Euro!

Credit: Christine Zenino / GoodNewsNetwork
Credit: Christine Zenino / GoodNewsNetwork

“This is a humanitarian crisis, not just an economic crisis, and it’s about bloody time someone did something,” stated Thom Feeney, an advocate for change who set up an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to help the embattled people of Greece.

Tired of waiting for the EU to take action on a second bailout, the 29-year-old activist decided to ‘be the change’ and asked the world to get involved. In just 14 days, the campaign raised more than a quarter-million Euros, thanks to generous donations from 14,000 people around the world.

This is Feeny’s second bailout crowdfunding effort. His first was set to raise a fixed amount, rather than collect whatever funds were donated – a mistake he now recognizes. Because he chose a ‘fixed’ amount and set the goal too high, all the funds were dispersed back to their donors. This time around, however, the campaign was a massive success for the Hellenic Republic.

The finished campaign will provide €289,152 to aid in the recovery of the nation.

In exchange for donations, everyone who participated to the now-closed campaign will receive Greek-made products, like bottles of Greek wine, Ouzo, and postcards.

The activist from London said he wanted to offer the donation incentives to help stimulate trade and investment and says all profits will go to Desmos – a non-profit foundation aimed to help fight youth unemployment in Greece.

The world could surely benefit from more change-makers like Thom Feeney. Share your comments below!

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