Family Man Mysteriously Went Missing For 23 Years And Resurfaced – The Incredible Untold Story

Like most families, Richard and Linda Hoagland lived a normal life with their two sons. There was no sign of the family ever going through difficulties that could tear them apart. They weren’t well off, but they certainly seemed content with getting by with what they have. To support their young family, both Richard and Linda were employed. But one day, Richard suddenly disappeared for no apparent reason. Linda and their sons had to bear the consequences of his disappearance.

Linda had no clue as to what happened to her husband. She struggled to come to grips with the sudden reality that she’s faced with. What happened to Richard Hoagland? What events took place leading up to his sudden and mysterious disappearance? Did he get involved in something that went bad that made flee?

Twenty-three years later, investigations into Richard’s disappearance still didn’t turn up any clues, leaving everyone, including his family, greatly puzzled. But one day, Linda received a revealing call.

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