He Was Trapped On Mount Everest Alone For Hours In Below Freezing Temperatures. No One Thought They’d Ever See Him Again

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Beck Weathers was a mountaineer who loved the call of the climb. Like all other climbers, Mount Everest was the pinnacle of all mountains, and his obsession to reach her peak took over his life. When he finally made it up that snowy mountain, the worst possible thing was going to happen. A huge blizzard would hit, and he would actually be left for dead.

But he would do what no other hiker ever did, come back from the dead.

Seaborn Beck Weathers

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Beck Weathers was born in December of 1946. He would eventually go on to attend college in Wichita Falls, where he would graduate with a degree in Medicine. Beck became a Pathologist in Texas, and got married to Peach, with whom he had two children. But the problem was, he wasn’t happy.

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