His First Day In Office, Canada’s Prime Minister Appoints A 50% Female Cabinet.

Credit: metronews.ca
Credit: metronews.ca

Canada is experiencing a wave of change after electing its newest leader, self-declared feminist Justin Trudeau. Hours after being sworn in, Trudeau made good on one of his campaign promises – to appoint a cabinet that was staffed at least half by women.

Fifteen of the thirty seats were appointed to up-and-coming female politicians. Among them, “Environment Minister Catherine McKenna, an Ottawa human-rights lawyer; Carla Qualtrough, a para-Olympic swimmer from Vancouver in the sports ministry; and Maryam Monsef, a native of Afghanistan, as minister of democratic institutions,” reported the Bloomberg.

Canada is now in a tie with France and Lichenstein for the third-most female cabinet members in the world. Democratic socialist nations of Sweden and Finland beat them out.

Overall, the response has been quite positive.

Said Carleton University professor Jonathan Malloy:

 “The immediate responses have been very positive. Canada has never really had a gender-parity moment before so it’s a big leap for us. Canadian politicians often talk about parity while running campaigns but it’s a big deal to actually do it.”

Quebec’s former premier, Jean Charest, was jubilant about the news. He stated:

“It’s a message to Canadian women — and young women in particular — that this world is about you. You have to move beyond the old boy’s network.”

America might learn something from its northern neighbor – if anything, the ability for politicians to keep  their promises.

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