Homeless Cat Opens Her Eyes After Months Of Blindness And Reveals Stunning Beauty To Her Rescuer

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Meet Cotton, a homeless cat that was roaming around the streets of South Florida, starving and disease-ridden. He could barely open his eyes from a severe case of mange that he couldn’t even scavenge for his next meal. Thanks to the help Carmen Weinburg, founder of Animal Friends Project, who rescued him and healed him back to life.

Once Carmen picked up Cotton in Royal Palm Beach, she directly took him to the vet who prescribed him with various medicines for his mange and eyes; Carmen helped Cotton slowly regain his strength. She was instructed to feed him small meals 2-3 times a day, until his skinny body was eventually able to relax without the need to scratch too much.

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Still unable to see, Cotton’s bond with Carmen became stronger; knowing that she was nursing him back to health.  With Carmen’s care, Cotton’s transformation was incredible as he healed from all his sicknesses, but the day he was finally able to open his eyes was unforgettable. “We thought he was blind, and that he would be blind forever,” Carmen explained. “The vet thought that even when his eyes recovered they might be damaged, but they weren’t. It was such a wonderful surprise. His eyes were just beautiful.”

Cotton’s eyes are incredibly unique with one eye being a clear blue, while the other one, hazel.  His transformation from being a filthy stray to a healthy tomcat was finally complete. Surprised as anyone to get his vision back, Cotton became completely attached to Carmen that she just couldn’t bear to have someone else adopt him. “I didn’t have the heart to put him through another big change. He had already been through so much.”

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Carmen’s work in Animal Friends Project is so crucial in South Florida where there is a serious overpopulation of stray cats. Most of the animals she rescues are very sick and injured – which is why she wants to provide awareness to the residents who would want to adopt them and give them a place they can call home.

“My advice is to please not ignore them. Anyone can help animals. Many sick stray cats are friendly and it is very easy to put them in a crate and take them to a vet. People can fundraise to pay for medical care. At least take photos and start asking for help.”

To help, donate, or adopt a cat, you can check out https://animalfriendsproject.org/

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