How Helping the Poor Will NOT Produce Overpopulation

It’s a common myth to believe that the world is overpopulated. Unfortunately it’s a mentality that has been ingrained in most of the masses, and many truth promoters believe it is a mindset that could have disastrous implications.

Despite the ranging opinions on the issue, what is needed most are valid statistics explaining the issue, and this is exactly what Hans Rosling is committed to doing. His latest mission is to tackle a very terse and tenacious myth about overpopulation: that reducing the mortality rate will cause overpopulation problems down the road.

Rosling is the only character who can make statistics speak so logically. The Swedish medical doctor and statistician has a point to prove, and this video is for all who believe that by reducing infant mortality in poorer countries, overpopulation will result.

History has repeatedly shown that low birth rate countries today used to have much higher birth rates. They only decreased when people developed better health care, better education, more opportunities, etc. And that’s what must be offered to everybody on the planet.

Learn more about Rosling and his non-profit at Gapminder. He promotes sustainable global development and achievement of the United Nations Millenium Development Goals.





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