Inspiring Teens Buy 100 Cheeseburgers And Hand Them Out To The Homeless

You never know someone’s story, the trials and triumphs they’ve experienced, and/or the circumstances that ended them up on the streets. What you do know is that for a small sum of money, you can help improve other peoples’ lives – even if just by a bit.

That’s exactly what two teens in Los Angeles did.

As shared in the video above, Lance Stewart and his buddy, Adin Kolansky, decided to “be the change” they want to see in the world, therefore, ventured to a McDonald’s to purchase burgers and hand them out to homeless individuals in the area.

When Stewart ordered the $151 worth of burgers, the cashier thought he had heard wrong. “One hundred?” the cashier asked in disbelief.

“I’m being dead serious,” was the nineteen-year old’s reply.

Credit: Lance Stewart
Credit: Lance Stewart

With a huge cardboard box full of burgers, the boys began seeking out the homeless and giving away their loot. As soon as they ran out of McDoubles, they headed for a Rite Aid to buy Lunchables and give them out instead.

The video was posted by Stewart to Facebook and YouTube, where it has gone viral in just one week. Most importantly, their activism is inspiring others to do the same.

When you’re in such a desperate situation – not knowing when your next meal might be or unsure if others in the world care, a McDouble becomes more than just a sandwich: it becomes a sign that life can and will get better.

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