ISIS Is Using The #JustinBieber Hashtag To Promote Terror Videos

ISIS bieber

ISIS has been attempting to hijack Justin Bieber’s hashtag on Twitter, in hopes of reaching more people with their terror videos. Last week, the group released a video titled “Message to Islamic West”, and posted it on Twitter along with the hashtags #ISIS, #ISIL, #JustinBieber and #Facebook.

Justin Bieber has one of the largest Twitter accounts in the US with nearly 74 million followers and targeting a name like his brings a massive audience towards their posts.

The video that was posted using the hashtag was 15 minutes long and very professionally produced. It was also very graphic, and showed the alleged executions of 4 different people.

The video boasted of the strength of ISIS while asking for volunteers.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been recently using ISIS to scare people into allowing his administration to have more control over the internet. “The Iraqi government and other anti-ISIL forces are not reacting quickly enough to contradict ISIL’s online messages which have been used both to recruit new fighters and demoralise those who oppose them, and we should help them with this,” Mr Turnbull said in a statement.

A recent study published by the Brookings Institution reviewed Twitter data from all over the world to track down the locations that had the most support for the terrorist group ISIS.

Using a test sample of 20,000 accounts from each country, the study found that Saudi Arabia actually had the most pro-ISIS accounts, and by a fairly steep margin as well. Syria followed in 2nd with a significantly less number than Saudi Arabia, then followed by Iraq. Surprisingly, the United States is actually in fourth place, with a larger support base than most people would expect.

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