Kind Diner Inspires Massive Kindness After ‘Paying It Forward’ In Canada

Credit: Brice Royer Facebook
Credit: Brice Royer Facebook

Did you know? Smiling not only boosts your immune system and tricks your brain into believing you’re happy, it’s incredibly contagious.

In fact, few people know just how powerful a genuine smile can be. Luckily, the following story examples how one positive act can ripple out and affect others. 

At a vegan restaurant in Vancouver, BC, a man named Brice Royer was eating his food when he noticed another diner with an irresistible sunny smile.

The man’s bright disposition compelled Royer to do something nice. So, he paid for the Syrian refugee’s meal then approached him with a hand-written receipt, reading “Unconditional Love for $0”.

Credit: Brice Royer Facebook
Credit: Brice Royer Facebook

Astonished by the kind gesture, the anonymous man then got up and approached the cashier himself. He asked to pay for all of the diners’ meals – a total of five tables, reports GoodNewsNetwork.

According to Royer, who shared the exchange on Facebook:

“The cashier’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets and we all looked at each other in awe.”

The man then joked, “I’m glad I didn’t meet you at a steak house or my bill would’ve been so expensive!”

Too often, mainstream media focuses only on the negative happenings taking place in the world. Hence, it’s heartening when good news also reaches the masses.

Royer agrees. He wrote:

“It’s incredible how a simple random act of kindness like smiling can create an instant positive ripple effect.”

If you’ve been inspired by this story, you can print out your own “Unconditional Love Receipts” for future good deeds HERE.

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